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In an industrial setting, the main objective to be achieved is the combination between the value and importance of the assets to be protected and the safety of the people in the site.

Although no defence is totally secure – unfortunately, it would be unrealistic to say the opposite, especially from an economic and management perspective – the risk analysis developed by Surveye aims to make criminal actions so difficult that criminals will be discouraged from their criminal behaviour.

In the awareness that companies have multiple security, safety and technological control requirements in this application context, Surveye will provide effective and efficient security solutions to respond to criticalities, such as

  • Theft
  • Sabotage
  • Intrusion and damage
  • Contamination
  • Industrial espionage
  • Aggression

thus maximizing results in terms of real protection and optimizing costs.


Surveye’s experience in the logistic sector allows us to support our Customers in every phase – from the choice to the design and installation of the most suitable system – and to provide them with continuous technical support over time, all in compliance with the applicable legislation.

The philosophy of Surveye for industrial environments calls for a completely integrated solution for the control and surveillance of pedestrian and vehicle accesses to plants, buildings, manufacturing areas, warehouses, common areas, parking, loading/unloading and vehicle storage areas. In addition, we especially focus on solutions that integrate logical and physical access control for the companies’ IT resources in order to increase the level of security in these specific areas.

The Model developed in the industrial environment is part of an innovative philosophy based on the ability to integrate information drawn from other business processes with security processes, to maximize the effectiveness of the systems implemented and provide services capable of transforming security from a cost into a value for the competitiveness of the enterprise.

Surveye designs and installs advanced solutions for industrial alarm, fire detection, access control, industrial video-surveillance and automation systems.


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An industrial alarm system is designed, installed and serviced in compliance with the applicable CEI 79-3 norm and EN 50131-1 standards.

Since these are high-risk sites, the design of the system must take many variables into consideration: the cost of any theft or damage, continuously changing internal logistics, the area where the building is located, the presence or absence of a guard house, the continuous threat of criminals using increasingly refined attack techniques…

Therefore, the development of the project must start from a careful assessment analysis of the external context (monitoring of access points, protection along the perimeter, neighbouring areas) and then continue with an analysis of the internal context of the entire area and buildings (access to the buildings and internal premises with relative sensitive areas that require a greater degree of security, such as data centers, executive offices, archives, safes).

The technology to be used is oriented toward the following solutions for outdoor areas:

  • Thermal Technology and Video Analytics
  • Scanner radar
  • External barriers for interiors:
  • Seismic sensors 
  • Fogging systems
  • Next generation radar

An industrial video-surveillance system is designed, installed and serviced in compliance with the applicable EN 62676 standards.

In addition to being developed for visual monitoring and the related storage of identified areas in compliance with the applicable privacy legislation (EU 679/16), the design of a video system can be integrated to support production processes with the possible control of production lines, as well as with an analysis and review of the correct execution of functions and processes.

The technology to be used is oriented toward the following solutions for outdoor areas:

  • Thermal Technology and Video Analytics
  • PTZ systems provided with auto-tracking and moving object tracking functions
  • Ultra high resolution megapixels

while for interiors, the main element is the use of Megapixel and Multi-Sensor technologies.

A careful analysis and design of the network infrastructure capable of supporting the transit of data with extreme reliability, also in terms of cybersecurity, is essential. No less important is the choice of the control management software solution, which must comply with some simple rules: stability, scalability and ease of use by the operator and user.

An industrial fire detection system is designed, installed and serviced in compliance with the applicable UNI 9795, UNI EN54 and UNI 11224 standards.

Fire safety involves many areas of expertise: from smokefiregas detection to evacuation and extinguishing systems. The protection of people and property is the result of the optimal synergy between these elements and technologies.

Surveye designs fire detection systems by assessing the context and the specific needs of the site; for this purpose, it is also fundamental to develop the procedure to be implemented in case of fire ignition in order to safeguard the personnel and avoid significant losses and damage to the company’s image.

Risk analysis, maintenance and training are key elements for effective and timely protection.

There are a number of different technologies:

  • Linear barriers
  • Point sensors
  • Air analysis chambers
  • Aspiration systems using laser technology to detect smoke particles in the air drawn from piping.

An industrial access control system is designed, installed and serviced in compliance with the applicable EN 60839-11-2 and EN 60839-11-1 standards.

The adoption in the company of an electronic access control system may provide an effective prevention and protection measure. In fact, there are many cases in which an accurate and secure control and monitoring of accesses and exits allows risks to be mitigated and specific legal provisions to be complied with.

Typically, in the industry and logistics sectors, numerous authorizations are required to access the various areas, such as design, production, administration, human resources, and IT departments. These may also have further specific needs:

  • Use of a unique “key” support for all accesses
  • Reduce complex and anachronistic replacements of cylinders and uncontrolled key copies
  • Authorize only enabled employees to access certain areas
  • Manage complex hierarchies and multiple competencies
  • Protect high-safety level areas, such as design laboratories, executive floors, data centers
  • Manage temporary accesses for visitors, auxiliary staff, external staff in general (e.g. cleaning staff)
  • Problematic restructuring of specific areas/buildings (difficult wiring)
  • Existence of other organizational systems, e.g. those for the collection of working times and canteen data
  • Need to integrate/interconnect various sites located in the national territory, but also abroad, virtually without geographical limits


The technology used includes several new-generation identification devices, such as:

  • Access PINs
  • Badge\Tags
  • Smart Cards
  • License plate recognition systems (LPR)
  • Biometric systems
  • RFID identification systems
  • QCode
  • Indoor/outdoor bars and turnstiles

In this context, an access control solution also becomes an important source of additional information, concerning, for example, the occupancy of the building, which helps optimizing consumption and automatically activate security procedures and systems.

Access control systems can be combined with a presence detection service, an electronic system that detects the presence of employees in order to manage all the data related to their payroll, which replaces the traditional time and attendance management system.

Presence detection substantially uses the same access control devices used for the recognition of persons; however, their aim is not to activate systems for the release of physical barriers, but to record the name of the individual and the start and end time of his/her work activity.


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