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Not just setting objectives, but surpassing them!

The Mission of Surveye and of all its professional teams is to protect and safeguard people, assets and places by implementing guaranteed security systems certified by the best technologies.

Professionalism, dynamism and flexibility at the service of our Customers to translate their needs into a tailor-made project that can meet and even surpass their expectations.

Integrity, responsibility, the centrality of people and teamwork are our essential values and the preconditions for the pursuit of our goals in compliance with the applicable standards and with cost awareness.

The utmost attention to detail and maximum quality are our goals:  to achieve these goals, we observe the market and listen to our customers to ensure state-of-the-art solutions that best meet their needs. Our history of success and customer satisfaction is the ground on which we grow as a continuously evolving company, always capable of looking at the future of its customers with confidence and passion.




Surveye s.r.l. has been doing business in the field of security since 1995. We have been part of the FGS group for over twenty years and subsequently we maintained our independent identity and profile in our organizational / operating  and administrative  model.

January 2015

Diego Corsini, former founding partner of FGS Brescia, purchased all the company’s shares and became the sole owner of the company: FGS Brescia became a Sole Director company.


8 November 2017

Another important turning point: our company changed its name from FGS Brescia s.r.l. Into Surveye s.r.l. To consolidate our mission and in the perspective of our vision, more significant steps took place in the following years, strengthening our growth and development process to become one leaders in the field of security in Italy.

May 2019

The company was moved to new headquarters located on Via Istria, 12 – 25125 Brescia, where all the services dedicated to our customers were centralized a new functional dimension.

The new building was built to show a multidisciplinary building security model  that users can directly experience, thus appreciating our technological solutions.

November 2020

To provide services also means to be always close to our customers. For this reason, a new operating office is opened in Agrate, near Milan, with a dedicated warehouse, to ensure an increasingly efficient and professional support in a geographical area where many of our leading customers are based and where we believe we can find new opportunities.

January 2021

We created the project #innovareperevolvere, as a result of several months of work in the most difficult year of recent decades, to express our renewed resoluteness and passion in our way towards the future of security. Our new testimonial is the robot S2-Y20, which perfectly embodies all the ethical, professional and human corporate values of Surveye.



Responding to the needs of the present by foreseeing future needs is our VISION.

We want to champion an excellence corporate culture in the field of integrated security, as an innovative company that always proposes the best solutions and technologies.

A quest for perfection and the ability to innovate for continuous improvement help us anticipate market changes, which is a fundamental skill a company must have to offer valuable forward-looking solutions and be perceived as an added-value partner.

The human relation is the strategic key of our work – from the development of skills to the organizational model adopted; an essential ingredient for technology to be able to offer the most complete efficiency.



Surveye is fully aware of the importance of having a code of conduct aligned with principles of ethical behaviour and protection of resources through a careful assessment of the social and environmental impact of our activities. Our daily work is based on the values of transparency, fairness, sustainability, respect and promotion of employees’ rights and human rights, in general. These values are expressed not only in our operations (direct impact), but also in the supply chain (indirect impact).

We believe that an ethical behaviour is necessary and should contribute to the prevention of corruption, the removal of any potential conflict of interest, the protection of the health and safety of all the parties involved in our activities, the protection of the integrity of the social capital, the protection of the interests of employees, creditors, and our other stakeholders, as well as the protection of the company’s image. For Surveye, Ethics and Sustainability are essential values, carefully pursued as an integral part of our Company Mission.