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To ensure long-term reliability and effectiveness of systems, while ensuring their continuous operation and safeguarding the investment made, conducting regular and constant checks of the technologies in use is of paramount importance.

Surveye offers the option to subscribe a service agreement for periodic checks to be conducted on each individual component, to prevent faults and check that the system is regularly performing its tasks. Periodic checks and the constant upgrading of systems is required by specific legislation, particularly for fire detection systems.

As regards the servicing of fire detection systems, as required by the UNI 11224 standard, Surveye has a team of specialized maintenance engineers, completely trained with qualification courses, who can perform the required periodic checks and related activities.

By subscribing a service agreement with Surveye, you will also enjoy:


  • Dedicated 24×7 Technical Back Officeto analyse each criticality observed on the systems

  • Second level supportwith a dedicated technical office

  • Remote Support to optimize times and costs

  • Year-round availability


The correct operation of a system ensures safety and rationalizes the costs required for the maintenance of the technologies used, thus contributing to the continuity and sustainable development of corporate business activities or the protection of the home.

The legal warranty offered according to legal requirements does not include damages caused to the system by fault, wilful misconduct, damage, electrical power surges, lightning (and/or events obviously due to unforeseeable causes) and incorrect use or misuse of the equipment.


  • 1 Scheduled  Maintenance

(2 visits per year for fire-fighting systems, as per UNI 11224 standard)

  • Maintenance and parts at discounted prices


  • 1 Scheduled Maintenance

(2 visits per year for fire-fighting systems, as per UNI 11224 standard)

  • Unlimited free visits
  • Parts at discounted prices