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Continuously improving the management of the point of sale by increasing the security and protection of the goods by associating tools for marketing analysis– is the need that is felt across the world of fashion. The use of advanced technologies for the detection of labels and the protection of goods plays a primary role, as well as evaluating the optimization of the arrangement of products and the effectiveness of a promotional campaign, even as a function of the presence of people in a given time interval inside the store.


Surveye’s experience in the Fashion & Luxury sector generates self-confidence in a sober and elegant manner, and allows to support our Customers in every phase – from the choice to the design and installation of the most suitable system – and to provide them with continuous technical support over time, all in compliance with the applicable legislation.

In particular, the technologies proposed are a guarantee in terms of communication and traceability integrated into scalable solutions that effectively address the retailer’s needs and make a significant contribution to their success and consolidation.

Our offer ranges from high quality invisible anti-shoplifting systems to the latest high definition and small size cameras, high-precision and aesthetically refined people counting systems, anti-intrusion systems complying with the highest security standards, designed and integrated with customized projects working in close cooperation with architects and designers to meet even the strictest requirements.


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An alarm system for the Fashion & Luxury industry is designed, installed and serviced in compliance with the applicable CEI 79-3 and EN 50131-1 standards.

Our Advanced System Integrator experience in the world of security, based on an in-depth analysis of theft dynamics in the luxury retail world, has led Surveye to implement a very modern and extremely functional and effective technological prevention and management solution.

The system consists of a hardware component and a software component that work in perfect synchronization to provide the customer with an intelligent and dynamic eye on their high-value goods in the store. The system monitors movements within the store and alerts the security staff in real time for prompt and fast action.

The movement of the item generates an alert that is sent out to the operator in the control room, so that the operator can monitor it (video verification)  and take the actions specified in the specific security guidelines of the shop.

The system is invisible and has been conceived to be perfectly integrated in locations where discretion and maintenance of the architectural design of the store are required, while ensuring high levels of security in the protection of the items on display and of goods in general.

A video-surveillance system in the Fashion & Luxury sector is designed, installed and serviced in compliance with the applicable EN 62676 standards.

IA shop or a boutique where several luxury items are on display is in great need of a closed-circuit television camera system, in compliance with privacy provisions that define precise rules in the interests of employees and customers.       

Today technology provides us with tools that were once unthinkable; together with the need to check for possible intrusions during the closing time and record any offence to facilitate the work of investigators, a mobile device can be used to remotely connect to the cameras and manage the event in real time wherever you are.

Such a wide range of technologies offered requires the various devices to be installed, connected and configured correctly by skilled and qualified installers capable to take all technical, functional and also contextual aspects into consideration together with the user.

Fashion and luxury stores have specific requirements also in terms of style and look.  For this reason, when designing the internal layout of these shops architects and marketing experts keep in mind functional aspects such as a correct display of the garments, the creation of an atmosphere that invites the purchaser to buy, attention to details in the arrangement of the various items and areas – from the counter to the changing room, shelves and exhibitors displayed in the windows – so that the store manager can easily control the areas with a minimum number of cameras without giving up a different views of each space.

A fire detection system in the Fashion & Luxury sector is designed, installed and serviced in compliance with the applicable UNI 9795UNI EN54 and UNI 11224 standards.

A serious and accurate management of fire alarm and detection systems is one of the fundamental requirements for the safety of people and the point of sale. Unfortunately, the news often report events where inadequately reliable fire-fighting systems have produced false alarm signals or where not properly serviced systems failed and their ineffectiveness caused material damages or even severe accidents involving persons.

It is precisely in the spirit of ensuring credible and effective systems that the applicable legislation requires a system register to be maintained, i.e. a document where all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance operations should be recorded, together with drills and training, and any event concerning the system (e.g. alarms, malfunctions, etc.), with an objective description of each record.

As with the other safety subsystems, the design of a smoke detection system must also take into account, in strict compliance with the applicable regulations and functionalities, the harmonic insertion of the system in the specific application environment (sensors and optical/acoustic signalling devices).

An access control system in the Fashion & Luxury sector is designed, installed and serviced in compliance with the applicable EN 60839-11-2 and EN 60839-11-1 standards.

We consider it significant to focus on people counting systems as an essential tool to check and analyse in real time in and out flows with a very high level of precision and without effects due to objects or crowding.

These solutions collect data by counting the number of people entering and leaving the spaces, measuring actions and movements. The devices can be monitored constantly thanks to a simple and intuitive user interface, even with remote access. The information collected may be transferred to a large-scale data analysis environment to support the user in the decision-making process aimed to optimize the management and performance of the store.

Store attendance information can help you assess:

  • Hourly traffic flows
  • Impact of promotional activities
  • Scheduling of staff shifts and optimal opening times with an improvement of the customer service and management cost optimization
  • Impact of other external factors (weather conditions, traffic restrictions, transport strikes…)
  • Commercial performance of points of sale and staff, with objective recognition of merit.
  • When integrated with a Point of Sale (POS) system, information can be obtained on conversion rates, thus providing the store with reliable data on which to base important business decisions.


The technologies in use:

  • Laser: this solution is not sensitive to ambient light and ensures an accurate and reliable analysis of the flows of people in various types of environments.
  • Video Analytics algorithm: plug-in that can be installed on the camera to estimate the number of individuals of interest transiting through appropriately defined and programmable virtual gates.

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