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The main objective to be achieved in securing public areas and facilities is twofold: to ensure the safety of people and users, while safeguarding the integrity of property and goods in general.

Surveye’s competence and consulting approach support the Customer in every phase, from risk analysis to choice, design and up to the installation of the most suitable system. In addition, we provide timely technical support over time and everything is done in compliance with the applicable legislation, including privacy provisions that define specific rules for the protection of citizens and workers (see, inter alia, Italian legislative Decree no. 196/03 and subsequent video surveillance provisions of 8 April 2010).


We provide:

  • Anti-theft / anti-intrusion systems
  • Video surveillance systems with specialized Video Analytics and Artificial Intelligence software, that can also be used for forensic analyses
  • Fire detection and evacuation management systems
  • Access control solutions
  • Automation systems

To complete the offer, Surveye will also take care of the most important regulatory fulfilments, to support the Customer with the following documentation:

  • Information: the public and employees are appropriately informed that they are in an area under video surveillance
  • Preliminary check and notification
  • Designation of the persons in charge of the processing of personal data
  • Definition of safety/security measures
  • Retention of recorded images
  • Deletion of images
  • Rights of interested parties (Article 7 of the Privacy Code).


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  • Ports and airports

Port and airport infrastructures are structurally complex environments, characterized by large and uneven perimeters. With complex traffic characteristics (people, vehicles and goods) that require careful controls, these are places with a high-risk rate, where high security levels are required.

  • Rail and underground transport

By size, structure, extension, distribution and number of variables (aggressions, vandalism, theft, sabotage, terrorism), rail transport has many critical elements that require a careful and precise project to prevent accidents and crime and protect people and property in the various premises, common areas, areas outside the stations, warehouses and rolling stock, electrical substations, railroad crossings, tunnels, path or tracks…

  • Roads and motorways

These are infrastructures with a great economic and social significance, as they support intensive movements of goods, vehicles and people.

The progressive increase in traffic density carries with it the risk of increased road accidents involving an increasing number of vehicles, as well as an increase in the risk of secondary accidents or traffic jams.

In this context, security systems operate on multiple levels: prevention of acts of terrorism, monitoring, analysis and control of traffic, support for the detection of transgressions, management of flows on supplementary trajectories (including the management of additional lanes) or planning of new alternative infrastructures or reinforcement of existing ones…)

  • Public transport

The main problems are aggression, violence, purse snatching, robbery and vandalism.

In addition to the vehicles, our systems are required to control several ancillary service areas, such as stations, metro and bus surface stops, nearby parking lots with the related connection routes, and all adjacent spaces with the related access routes.

  • Cultural heritage and museums
    The enormous cultural heritage of our country is a unique wealth globally. The protection of these assets requires a complete review of existing safety and security models to ensure an adequate degree of protection and avoid invasive activities and installations. The installation of systems and services in historical buildings, such as archives, libraries, art galleries, museums, and churches, is strongly influenced by the conservation constraints of the architectural heritage of the premises in which the systems are to be installed.
  • Hospitals

    The safety of patients, staff, visitors and important operational areas (surgical block, intensive care units, diagnostic and specialist care departments, drug stores) is a constant concern that needs to be balanced with the importance of keeping these facilities open to the public, comfortable and easy to access.

  • Urban Safety

    Whether it is a large city or a small town, the urban environment today demands more and more security, both perceived and real. That is why local governments invest in cutting-edge technologies to ensure a more relaxed and serene environment for their citizens.

    In the urban environment, one cannot ignore the use of video surveillance solutions, universally considered the most effective means of preventing crime, directing corrective actions and supporting any investigation process.

    Suitably completed with video Analytics algorithms, including license plate recognition technologies, our video surveillance system can be perfectly integrated into traffic management platforms, parking spaces and restricted traffic areas.

    The exposed application contexts are part of Surveye’s work and experience areas. Our internal skills and synergistic collaborations with primary suppliers and technological partners for the installation of safety systems allow Survey to develop projects in many other environments, such as schools, sports facilities, public offices, environmental protection services, community facilities, and so on.


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